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Real Food! Real Life! Launch

Food connects us also connects us to our culture, history, well being, art, music, literature, health, landscape  and communities. 

Real Food Real Life  is a celebration of the rich diversity of food and life in your local community. Take part in cooking demos, craft demos, performances, music, dance , poetry readings, fitness classes and more. Our Roath and Riverside markets will now host of a range of informal events.  When you visit the market, you will not only find Real Food but a chance to discover the richness and Real Life  of your community.

We will launch Real Food Real Life on the 7th of April (11:00am) at the Riverside Market with the Oasis World Choir and Band. The choir takes musical influence from the countries of origin of its participants, from Wales to Sudan, Iran and Eritrea, it is an eclectic mixture of sounds, helping to break the boundaries of cultural appreciation in Cardiff and the rest of Wales.. They are run by Laura Bradshaw and Tracy Pallant, who volunteer their time at Oasis Cardiff , a not for profit charity that aims to help Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Cardiff.

The choir has written many group songs and have built up a songbook with well over 100 songs made up of original songs composed by the group, songs from group members countries as well as favourite popular songs .

Come down to the market! Enjoy some real Food! Real Life!